The Richmond Dutch School offers four parallel classes that represent different level “groups” for primary school-aged children. Meester Gijs runs the class of Group 1 and 2, Juf Lotte the class of Groups 5 and 6, and Juf Silke covers ¬†Groups 7 and 8.

All the classes focus on expanding the children’s vocabulary and stimulating their active use of the Dutch language. Writing and reading receives extra attention from Group 3.

The classes are aimed at children who actively and as a rule speak Dutch with at least 1 parent. From Group 3 onwards, and provided a place in the relevant class is still available, potential candidates will be requested to take a short test to assess their level. A place will only be offered if the appropriate level is deemed to have been achieved.

The classes take place during the school year on a Thursday:

– Groups 1/2: from 4:10PM until 6:10PM in the halls of St Mary the Virgin, Mortlake High Street, London SW14 8JA
– Groups 3/4, 5 en 6/7: from 4:15 until 6:15PM in the halls of , 61 North Worple Way, London SW14 8PR.

Please contact us if you would require any further information.