Terms and Conditions

Objects of the school

The object of the Richmond Dutch School (hereafter referred to as “the School”), Registered Charity number 1162146 is the advancement of education for the public benefit, in particular by providing Dutch language and Dutch/Flemish culture classes to nursery and primary school-aged children from homes with one or two Dutch-speaking parent(s), as a means to help these families maintain the Dutch language and retain links with their cultural heritage. It does so amongst others by providing Dutch language and Dutch/Flemish culture sessions for children from 4 to 12 years of age. The school aims to ensure that the lessons and activities are organised in a friendly, safe, and socially and academically stimulating environment.

Scope of these terms and conditions

These Terms and Conditions are valid for the language classes of the Richmond Dutch School. As such it covers Groep 1 up to and including Groep 8. 

Date and time classes

Our lessons take place every Thursday from 16:15 to 18:15.

Location classes

Lessons will be taught in the church hall of St Mary Magdalen, SW14 8PR. 

Age groups

Our classes are aimed at primary school-aged children (4-12) and represent 8 group levels (“Groep 1” up to and including “Groep 8”). These Groups are usually combined within multi-level classes. 

Registration fee, tuition fee and deposit

Registration fee

A one-off registration fee of £20 is charged to each pupil who joins the Richmond Dutch School. This fee is payable only once per child as long as the child continues uninterrupted classes with the School. Any re-registrations following an interruption in the enrolment of the child will give rise to a new registration fee charge. The fee is non-refundable.

Tuition fee

The tuition fees are to be paid per term before the beginning of each term. The tuition fee for “Groep 1” up to and including “Groep 8” is £260 per term. A 5% discount is given to tuition fees paid for the full year. A 10% discount is offered for the first sibling and 50% discount is given to the third sibling. 

Withdrawals and refunds

Enrollments are valid for the full school year and the School therefore expects that your child(ren), once they have started the course, will continue to participate to the classes for the remainder of the school year. If you do have to withdraw your child(ren) from the classes during the school year, you are required to notify the school in writing by email of this fact at the latest before the half term of the last term that your child(ren) will be attend the classes. Our detailed withdrawal and refund policy can be found here.


As places of the school are in increasingly high demand, the school reserves the right to request a deposit of £50 per child to reserve a place for the child at the school. ONLY if the School has notified the parent of the availability of a place to the parent in writing, and in so doing specified the “Groep” that the child will be part of, shall the payment of the deposit involve any requirement for the School to reserve a place for the child. If you do not yet have a confirmation of a place for your child or if you do not know in which “Groep” they belong, please contact us here.

Late payments

The school reserves the right to charge late payment fees on any amount left unpaid by the payment date specified above. Where repeated non- or late payment occurs, the school may exclude the child, and this without written warning to the parent(s). Any banking fees generated by the payment (or non-payment) of the fees will be borne by the parent and not the school.

Financial assistance

Richmond Dutch School is a registered charity (Charity Commission number 1162146) with as object the advancement of education for the public benefit, in particular by providing Dutch language and Dutch/Flemish culture classes to nursery and primary school-aged children from homes with one or two Dutch-speaking parent(s), as a means to help these families maintain the Dutch language and retain links with their cultural heritage. To further our aim, we offer to discount the school fees by 50% should the parent/carer not be able to meet the level of tuition fees. Applications for financial support in the shape of this discount should be made in writing to the Richmond Dutch School at info@richmonddutchschool.org.uk. The school will request supporting financial documentation when considering the request.


Each child is expected to be present at each session. Presence of all enrolled children at each session is important for appropriate planning of the sessions and the progress of both the child and the group as a whole. Absences will be recorded and parents are expected to inform the school of any absences or late arrivals. The school retains the right to exclude any child accumulating 3 or more unjustified absences within a school year.

Illness/ emergencies

Children who are ill or suffering from an infectious disease or ailment should not come to School.

Parent(s) are obliged to provide the contact information for at least 2 emergency contacts when they register their children. It is the parent’s duty to inform the school as soon as there is a change in any of the information provided. It is also the parent’s responsibility to inform the school of any known allergies or medical condition(s) that the child might have. If a child is taken ill at the School, the parent or nominated carer will be contacted with the request to collect their child(ren). If the parent cannot be reached the 999 emergency services will be contacted if deemed necessary. School staff will administer first aid if deemed required. No medication will be given to the child unless requested explicitly and in writing by the parent. In this case the medication will need to be made available by the parent / guardian.

A copy of the School’s Health and Safety Policy is available on request by email to info@richmonddutchschool.org.uk.

Damage or loss

The School will not be held responsible for any injury, damage or loss that would arise from your child(ren)’s participation to the lessons or other activities organised by the School. Neither can the school be held liable for the protection and safety of individuals, groups, organisations, spectators or others who may participate in the lessons or other activities organised by the School.


Following instructions, respect for teachers, other families and children


You and your family members will observe and obey all posted rules and warnings and further agree to follow any oral instructions or directions given by the representatives of the School with regard to the classes in general and in particular when on the premises where the classes are held.


Parents, children and other family members are expected to show respect for the School’s teaching and administrative staff. Threatening behaviour towards teaching staff, administrative staff, children or other families will not be tolerated. The School’s Child Protection Policy is available on request by email to info@richmonddutchschool.org.uk

Data protection

The School will take all reasonable steps to ensure the protection of the personal data of its pupils, their parents and our staff. The School will not transfer any personal data it holds on you or your child(ren) to any third party unless required by law. Our full Data Protection Policy is available on request by email to info@richmonddutchschool.org.uk.


By registering your child(ren) for the School you give the School permission to use the data you provided for the proper management and provision of the sessions. You also give the School the right (but not the requirement) to draw up a class list with parent contact details to be shared exclusively with other parents. You moreover agree not to distribute or in any other way divulge any contact details obtained by way of such a class list obtained from the School to any third parties. All parents are expected to take all reasonable steps to ensure the appropriate protection of the class list. If you do not want your name and contact details to appear on the class list and / or you do not want to receive a class list please let us know by email to info@richmonddutchschool.org.uk.


The school reserves the right to, without any explicit approval from the parent(s), take pictures and videos of the children at the School, in particular when special events or celebrations take place. The pictures are intended for use in communication with existing students of the School and their parents (eg. Newsletter). The School will request explicit permission from parents before using pictures or videos for external promotion, publications or other forms of communication (e.g. website).

Complaints procedure

The school is very keen to receive your feedback, both positive and negative, at all times. This can be provided to the class teacher or administrative staff present before or after the School sessions or by writing an email to info@richmonddutchschool.org.uk. Both means can also be used to request a copy of our Complaints Procedure, should you wish to lodge a complaint.


The Richmond Dutch School, 583 upper Richmond Road west
Richmond, TW10 5DU, info@richmonddutchschool.org.uk, is registered with the Charities Commission, registration number 1162146.

Applicable law

Any legal or equitable claim that may arise from participation in the lessons or other activities organised by the Richmond Dutch School shall be resolved under the laws of England and Wales.

Agreement and changes to the Terms and Conditions

By signing the registration form, parent(s) agree to these terms and conditions. The School reserves the right to change these terms and conditions if and when required. Parents are expected to have (re) read these terms and conditions for any changes each time they register for a new school year. The school will inform parents by email if a material change is made to the Terms and Conditions during the course of a school year.




St Mary Magdalen RC Church 61 North Worple Way London (Mortlake) SW14 8PR