Withdrawals and Refunds

The school year runs from September to July. Registrations are understood to be for the full duration of a school year unless otherwise agreed in writing by email with the school. A written confirmation by email from the school is required for the agreement to be considered valid.

To withdraw their children from the classes during the school year, parents must inform the School Office in writing and receive written acknowledgement by email of their withdrawal. Tuition fees will then be refunded in accordance with the terms set out below. The one-off registration fee, set to £20 per pupil for the duration of their registration with the school, is non-refundable.

The Richmond Dutch School will refund a participant’s fees providing a withdrawal request is received in writing at least 14 calendar days before the start of the term.


Registrations need to be accompanied by a deposit of £50 per child to be considered valid. This payment is required to make it possible for the School to schedule the right number of classes and teachers for the school year. Registrations for the school year received before the start of the Autumn Term benefit from a 14-day cancellation period. Where the first day of the course falls before the end of the 14-day cancellation period, you will be deemed to waiver the remainder of your cancellation period by your child’s/children’s attendance on the course and will therefore lose your right to a refund.

Registration fee

For children who are new to the Richmond Dutch School, a one-off registration fee of £20 per pupil is included in the £50 deposit. The registration fee is valid for the full duration of the pupil’s uninterrupted registration with the school and is non-refundable.

Tuition fee

Payment of the tuition fee is to be made by term or by school year. Yearly payments benefit from a 5% discount.

Exceptional circumstances for withdrawal and refund

Requests for withdrawal and refund received after the deadlines indicated above will be considered only in instances of exceptional circumstances. Changes in residence or personal income are not considered exceptional circumstances by the Richmond Dutch School. Fee discounts are however available for people who are unable to afford the full price (see the General Terms and Conditions for our classes for further information). Request for a full or pro-rated refund should be made in writing. Refund is subject to submission of satisfactory third party evidence (e.g. a doctor’s note).

Single session cancellations

If a single lesson is cancelled, the Richmond Dutch School will endeavour to make up for the lost session. If this is not possible, a pro-rated refund for the cancelled class will be granted. Cancellations for reasons outside the control of the Richmond Dutch School (e.g. weather conditions or a security alert) will not be granted a refund.




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